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Intelligent Software as a Service

CPC/CPV XML & Direct Advertisers Solution, a leading white label Platform.

CPC and CPV advertising

  • Tools for traffic flows, viz. XML feed, Direct URL or Redirect JS.
  • Advanced XML metasearch that supports all known CPC and CPV XML-channels with the ability to add new channels, if requested;
  • Low (almost zero) delay in software, hardware and network support;
  • Optimized statistics tables and diagrams that improve performance;
  • Improved optimization technique for configuring traffic and results, depending on your campaign's goals;
  • Dynamic pricing for publishers in bidding based on traffic source characteristics;
  • Traffic quality management for advertisers by virtue of close monitoring of quality data and users behavior;
  • XML API for partners' statistics;
  • Huge scalability and fault tolerance - there are almost no volume restrictions;
  • Flexible settings of traffic volume that will make its flow smooth and uniform;
  • The technology of traffic exchange, both inside the AdGinny network, and with other XML advertising networks.
We offer a reliable optimization for both CPC and CPV real-time advertising that allows our customers to increase the amount of campaigns, monitor quality, productivity and profitability.
Media Buyers

Handy user panel, advertising channels' settings, reporting and billing system under your own business name.


Our developers created the platform, so that you could maximize the value and profitability of your resource.

Advertising Networks

Everything that an advertising network needs to run the business competently, efficiently and productively.

Traffic & Ad Exchanges

If you buy and sell traffic, our solution is the perfect combination of quality, speed and outcome.

Competent architecture

Cluster solution of volumes tasks ensures high speed of data processing in real time without delays and system failures.

Advanced statistics

Our platform allows integrating any statistics from your partners. Whether it's XML, JSON or different format, you will have an option to see consolidated data in one panel.

Ease of use

Excellent user interface design, handy navigation and service operation are oriented toward saving maximum time and efforts on setting up your advertising network.

Tools for traffic flows

Your partners will be able to use the most suited tools, viz. XML feed, Direct URL or Redirect JS.

Deep scan

Our extensive experience in database architecture, prediction, analytics and optimization allows to get top results.

Customer support

Customer support is provided directly by engineering experts, who can quickly solve any problem.

About us

AdGinny is a white label advertising platform that offers fast, efficient and multifunctional online advertising solutions for ad networks, ad exchanges, media buyers and publishers.

The Company's roots dated back to 2008, and for such a significant period, we reached a peak of optimization development in the field of digital advertising technologies and achieved excellent rapport with customers and partners.

We strive to be the market leaders in pay-per-click, display mobile and desktop digital solutions, helping our customers to achieve maximum revenue and efficiency.

AdGinny was created from scratch, and includes many years of experience in building and optimizing of digital advertising technology.

The platform has been developed by the team of highly-experienced professionals, who keep pace with the times and constantly update and improve the service according to varied industry standards and customer requirements.

We are proud to provide effective solutions in the field of digital advertising for our customers and develop long-term professional relationships.

Contact us

phone: +380673279826